How To Clean Windows Best From The Outside

The names act as the key while phone numbers as values. As you run the program, it will ask to enter the name. So we cannot […]

How To Record Screen In Windows 10

PowerShell also provides a hosting API with which the PowerShell runtime can be embedded inside other applications. These applications can then use PowerShell functionality to implement […]

failed to start because d3dx9_42 dll was not found

Uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again. Something might have happened to the files in the program that work with d3dx9_42.dll and […]

How To Download And Install Windows 11 From An Iso File

This can be done by taking a horizontal measurement from one side of your window frame to the other side of the frame. If the measurements […]

ERROR cant load FTd2xx dll YAESU FT 7900

It looks like a solution to this is to shift where the driver is located. Maybe in future versions of PCLink the dll check could be […]

Building and Using DLLs

You have to provide all reference links for the DLL to function correctly “open a DLL file in Linux.”. These are likely to be using a […]